Case Study #2


Company B preferred to promote from within, typically promoting a high performing sales person to Sales Manager and a Head of Department to General Manager. Whilst these individuals had performed well in previous roles and were typically promoted on merit they lacked the skills or preparation to take on a bigger and more demanding role. No tangible Talent Management policy or succession plan was in evidence.

Newly promoted Managers lacking the skills to tackle the complexities of their new role typically lead to underperformance, loss of confidence and usually resignation. The net effect of this process was twofold;

The Company lost a valued team member who had performed well in previous roles. The fallout across the Company resulted in capable employees shunning promotion and their own opportunities for advancement.\r\nThe changes were unsettling for staff who sought leadership and stability resulting in overall loss of performance and results for the business unit.

Davidson Consulting advised the Board and implemented the following recommendations:

  • An employee benchmarking system was undertaken identifying traits, skills and attributes of high performing Managers
  • Core competencies and behaviours measured through an internal Assessment process underpinned any future promotions
  • Regular strategy meetings were introduced to identify future openings and likely replacements allowing a positive plan to be implemented
  • A Management Development Programme was designed and implemented allowing future managers to acquire the necessary skills before being promoted
  • An ILM leadership module was introduced adding credibility with a recognised formal qualification

The introduction of these measures had the following effects:

  • The Board were able to promote with more tangible factual information aiding the decision making process
  • The introduction of a formal Management Development Programme had an overall positive effect on Company employees and their loyalty
  • Newly promoted Managers were able to make a more speedy contribution and positive impact within their new role
  • Successful Sales Personnel and Department Heads were not over promoted, but retained within roles more suited to their abilities