Talent Acquisition & Resourcing

Talent Acquisition

Acquiring the best and most competent people in the market place calls for skill, knowledge, integrity and discretion. We use highly effective techniques to seek out the most suitable candidates to meet your specific needs. This activity can be tailored to your individual requirements and budget. Our service ranges from managing your vacancy advertising to a bespoke search campaign for the ideal candidate.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We provide end to end recruitment solutions and everything in between. From training your team to handle applications and conduct meaningful, objective interviews, to managing entire campaigns on your behalf, we have the experience and skills to help.

We can conduct a thorough Job Analysis, including role and responsibilities, design and place impactful advertisements, screen and handle all responses and carry out interviews allowing you and your people to get on with their ‘day jobs’.

Large scale campaigns are a speciality and often lead to significant savings over ‘traditional’ recruitment fee structures. Ongoing management of the ‘candidate pool’ can significantly reduce time to hire and workforce gaps.

Assessment & Selection

Assessment Centres are a popular way of hiring and assessing potential employees as well as existing workforces. Our approach to assessing and selecting the right people for your company and your job role is specific to your needs, providing real measurements against pre agreed criterion, allowing you and your hiring managers to make a more informed choice.

Psychometric profiling

British Psychological Society Level A and B accredited and certified, we are able to utilise these tools, as and when appropriate, not only for identifying key personality traits within candidates, but also profiling existing teams highlighting their strengths, potential training needs and job compatibility.

This additional knowledge enables you to plan a suitable induction and training plan, and develop employees for future requirements across your business.

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